UBS' partnership with nonprofit organization Year Up provides the company with a new pipeline of diverse talent, while also offering local young adults an opportunity to build their skills and their networks through professional internships.

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"Year Up interns bring an innovative mindset, technical capabilities and motivation to the table. Our goal is to give these young adults the tools to succeed and challenge them to reach their full potential."
Frank LaQuinta, Group Head of Technology Americas and Wealth Management Americas CIO

The Challenge

UBS is committed to building a talent pipeline that reflects the gender and ethnic diversity of the communities where it operates. But like many large companies, UBS’ traditional entry-level recruitment strategies provide limited access to local, diverse talent.


The Solution

UBS partnered with Year Up, a national nonprofit organization that provides urban young adults with the skills and resources they need to reach their full potential. Through this partnership, UBS has been able to cultivate local sources of diverse talent – supporting the career development of young adults from multiple urban communities and building a talent pipeline of the future.

The Outcome


Source: Year Up and the Employment Pathways Project. UBS Case Study. 2014.