Texas Children’s Hospital began its partnership with Genesys Works in 2011 and has since refined a unique approach involving three distinct rotations during the yearlong internship. Interns work with a new team and under new managers during the rotation, allowing them to experience different departments and work styles.

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"At Texas Children's, we've committed to the youth participating in the Genesys Works program and we've seen the benefits. The interns we work with bring energy and diversity into our workplace..."
- Myra Davis, CIO at Texas Children's Hospital

The Challenge

As one of the nation’s leading child healthcare providers, Texas Children’s Hospital understands the value of investing in the neighborhoods it serves and sought an innovative way to address its business needs while making an impact within their community.

The Solution

Through its partnership with Genesys Works, Texas Children’s Hospital has been able to gain access to a new and dynamic pipeline of talent while simultaneously investing in the economic prosperity of its communities.

The Outcome