By partnering with Year Up Atlanta, Rollins, Inc. gained access to a pipeline of talent ready to drive company growth – and connected young adults to skills and resources leading to meaningful careers.

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"Rollins has been a corporate partner for several years and our interns have been very successful. The Year Up interns have been incredibly motivated and eager to make a positive impact. They are very well prepared, not just in terms of their technical skills, but how to communicate and present themselves in a business environment."
Lee W. Crump, Group Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Rollins, Inc.

The Challenge

Rollins, Inc. recognized that in order to grow, it needed to find innovative ways to improve its sales and service programs through new technologies and processes.

The Solution

In 2012, Rollins, Inc. started partnering with Year Up Atlanta and immediately realized they had found access to a pipeline of motivated young adults who were eager to make a positive impact at the company. In addition to finding talent that was ready to drive company growth, Rollins, Inc. was also able to build a stronger future workforce and foster interest in the consumer services field.

The Outcome

  1. Access to skilled and vetted talent ready to work
  2. Empowering individuals to become successful through education and career training
  3. Prepares future talent for workforce and fosters interest in the field


Source: Year Up. Rollins, Inc. Case Study. 2015.