Since 2009, Medtronic has engaged 150 low-income high school students in year-long internships, forever changing the trajectory of their lives while providing meaning to the work of the Medtronic employees making this possible. In partnership with Genesys Works, Medtronic is simultaneously investing in its future and in America’s future economic success.

  • EMPLOYER: Medtronic
  • INDUSTRY: Medical Devices
  • PARTNERSHIP: Genesys Works
  • AREA OF FOCUS: Hiring, Internship
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"Partnering with Genesys Works is a win-win. Students get hands-on corporate experience, help solve real problems and see first-hand what a career in IT is like. The benefits to Medtronic are significant too – students report to their internship with enthusiasm and a hunger to learn. They bring a fresh perspective as digital natives who never knew a world without the World Wide Web."
Michael Hedges, Chief Information Officer

The Challenge

Medtronic was eager to develop their own work-force and fill the skills gap for low-income high school students.

The Solution

By partnering with Genesys Works, Medtronic has been able to fully develop its pipeline of talent while also provide opportunities for its employees to develop their own managerial skills while helping transform the lives of others.

The Outcome

  1. Easier process developing talent that is motivated and ready to work immediately
  2. Increased intern supervisor satisfaction for opportunity to develop managerial skills
  3. Greater employee and organization pride for impacting the lives of others

Source: Case Study: Medtronic