Marriott offers internships and tuition assistance to urban youth interested in the hospitality industry, giving Marriott an opportunity to build a steady pipeline of fresh talent.

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"National Academy Foundation allows us to focus on a majority-minority group that our industry lacks in senior positions."
Andy Chaves, National Youth Programs Manager, Workforce Effectiveness and Diversity, Marriott International, Inc.

The Challenge

In the face of increasing competition from new industries recruiting younger talent, leading lodging company Marriott took action. The company sought to develop a program to attract “echo boomers”—the next generation of young leaders.

The Solution

Through its partnership with the National Academy Foundation (NAF), Marriott created an internship and tuition-assistance program that helps opportunity youth gain work experience, develop the skills necessary to succeed in the hospitality industry, pursue post-secondary education and develop life-long-learning habits. The program serves as a valuable recruitment strategy that has resulted in higher productivity and diversity.

The Outcome


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