Partnering with NPower and their Technology Service Corps program gives Marathon Consulting access to an impressive technology talent pipeline of motivated young professionals with “nontraditional” backgrounds. These young adults exhibit a true passion for technology and Marathon Consulting is able to provide them with the opportunity to prove themselves in the IT consulting field.

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“NPower’s Technology Service Corps program gives Marathon access to motivated new employees who all have more certifications, experience, and knowledge on their first day than a lot of other traditional candidates. They are great employees with a high level of dedication and desire to contribute.”
Brian Kingsley, Director of Technical Services at Marathon Consulting

The Challenge

Like many tech companies in New York City, Marathon Consulting was struggling to find the right talent when most of the resumes they were receiving looked exactly the same. Marathon Consulting also wanted to provide opportunities for young adults just beginning their professional careers in New York’s high-tech industry.

The Solution

By partnering with NPower and their Technology Service Corps program, Marathon Consulting gains a direct link to an ongoing resource of talented potential employees. Technology Service Corps graduates arrive with an impressive internal drive along with training and basic IT knowledge, reducing the ramp-up time for new engineers, and providing a faster return on investment for Marathon Consulting.

The Outcome

  1. Access to pipeline of skilled talent ready to work immediately
  2. Cost-effective talent acquisition with less training costs and higher return on investment
  3. Increase community impact and fulfill philanthropic goals


Source: NPower. Marathon Consulting: Talent Pipeline Solutions. 2014.