KPMG’s partnership with the National Academy Foundation (NAF) began in 2010 as an investment in the NAF finance and accounting curriculum and professional development opportunities for teachers. The relationship has since grown to include KPMG’s involvement in additional NAF career themes and an extraordinary commitment to employee engagement.

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“Our professionals tell us that they are struck by how poised and professional the NAF students are and that they are impressed with how well prepared they are for the business world.”
Meghan Bracken, National Director, Corporate Citizenship, KPMG

The Challenge

KPMG wanted to increase high school graduation rates and better prepare its future workforce to be successful in life, have a long-lasting impact on the communities it serves, and provide valuable volunteering opportunities for its employees.

The Solution

Partnering with NAF allowed KPMG to enhance the quality of life of its employees, partners and communities and support its commitment to improving public education and workforce readiness. KPMG also found the unique opportunity to reach high school students who have an interest in finance, engineering, and information technology, and uphold its commitment to diversity.

The Outcome

  1. Pipeline to diverse talent in fields of finance, engineering, and information technology
  2. Sustainable volunteer program benefitting the local communities KPMG operates in
  3. Reaffirm commitment to education and workforce readiness


Source: National Academy Foundation. Corporate Engagement in Action. 2013.