Kentwood Office Furniture supports its company, community, and economy by investing in Goodwill through employee volunteering, financial contributions, donation initiatives, and the hiring of Goodwill program participants.

  • EMPLOYER: Kentwood Office Furniture
  • INDUSTRY: Furniture
  • PARTNERSHIP: Goodwill
  • AREA OF FOCUS: Hiring
“What I like about Goodwill is that Goodwill helps people. They take people who are really struggling in the economy, struggling to find a job or may have some barriers to employment, and they work with them, develop them, and train them to get a job. These workers become productive members of society and save the community, state and federal government money. They put people to work rather than placing them on welfare.”
Art Hasse, Chief Executive Officer

The Challenge

Kentwood Office Furniture was looking for more ways to cultivate change for individuals and their communities through the power of work.

The Solution

By partnering with Goodwill, Kentwood Office Furniture gained access to a vetted pipeline of skilled, local, ready-to-work talent.

The Outcome


Source: Goodwill Legacy Award Winner Video. 2014.