Since JPMorgan Chase's partnership with Year Up began in 2007, it has grown to include over fifteen departments in eight cities, and continues to expand to new areas. At the core of the partnership is access to a new pipeline of high-quality talent that the company otherwise would not have.

  • EMPLOYER: JPMorgan Chase
  • INDUSTRY: Financial Services
  • AREA OF FOCUS: Hiring, Internship, Mentoring, School-to-Work
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"Year Up helps us attract talent, helps motivate teams, helps communities, and helps create diverse workforce. It’s multi-dimensional, hitting a lot of different things we want to do. It’s a win-win-win."
John Galante, CIO, Consumer and Business Banking, JPMorgan Chase

The Challenge

JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) is a leading global financial services firm whose success depends on recruiting top talent across a wide range of roles and locations. Knowing that the business thrives when its customers thrive, JPMC understands the importance in investing in the communities it serves.

The Solution

JPMC’s deep and multi-dimensional partnership with Year Up has allowed JPMC to advance both of these efforts, gaining access to a new and dynamic pipeline of talent while simultaneously investing in the economic prosperity of its communities. JPMC has gone on to deepen its commitment to communities through new initiatives like New Skills at Work and the Opportunity Forum, becoming a leader in advancing opportunity for young adults while closing the skills gap plaguing the business community.

The Outcome


Source: Year Up and the Employment Pathways Project. JPMorgan Chase Success Story. 2014.