Gap Inc.’s This Way Ahead program gives young people a chance to prepare for and experience their first jobs. It offers Gap Inc. employees meaningful development opportunities and deeper connections with co-workers, while building their company loyalty.

  • EMPLOYER: Gap Inc.
  • INDUSTRY: Retail
  • PARTNERSHIP: This Way Ahead
  • AREA OF FOCUS: Hiring, Internship, School-to-Work
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"As an employer, we have a unique opportunity to provide youth with a window into the world of work."
Gail Gershon, Executive Director of Community Leadership, Gap Inc.

The Challenge

As one of the leaders in the retail industry, Gap Inc. wanted to give underserved youth more opportunities to get ready for their first jobs, as well as leverage employee expertise with hiring and training young people.


The Solution

In partnership with leading youth-serving nonprofits, Gap Inc. developed This Way Ahead (TWA). The program features three key phases: job readiness classes on topics such as diversity and conflict resolution; paid internships at Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic stores; and multiple months of follow-on support and guidance from nonprofit staff. TWA operates in New York, San Francisco, Boston and Houston, with plans to expand to a 5th site in 2015.

The Outcome


Source: Gap Inc. This Way Ahead Overview. 2014.