Through College MAP (Mentoring for Access and Persistence), EY encourages students to apply for college and helps them succeed once they get there. This allows EY to address a community need while also providing their employees with mentoring opportunities to develop tomorrow’s leaders.

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The Challenge

EY wanted to improve access to education in its communities, with special emphasis on college and university access for underserved students.

The Solution

Through College MAP, EY helps demystify the process of applying to and affording college, encouraging students who might not have considered applying for college to do so. EY employees mentor the students to build the skills that will help them persist in completing their post-secondary goals.

The Outcome

  1. Mentored over 1,100 students since 2009 and is present in 30 US cities
  2. 90% of the students who participate in College MAP graduate high school and pursue higher education
  3. EY mentors are more engaged and take greater pride in working at EY than their peers


Source: EYGM and Grads of Life. 2015.