Partnering with Urban Alliance fostered an internal culture of inclusion and helped DigitasLBi hire a diverse workforce that brought in new, fresh perspectives allowing them to better serve their clients.

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“Mentoring and managing someone through Urban Alliance has been an incredible experience. For me personally, I’ve learned just as much from my interns as they’ve learned from me. I’ve become a better manager, a better partner, and even think differently because of the perspectives I get from them."
Angela Ingrassia Arwady, Sr. Associate, Human Resources and Company Life

The Challenge

DigitasLBi wanted support and grow the community in which their Chicago office was located in.

The Solution

Partnering with Urban Alliance allowed DigitasLBi to directly contribute to the growth of its community by helping local youth gain access to professional growth and experiences to achieve a life of work and self-sufficiency. Urban Alliance also provided DigitasLBi the opportunity to build a diverse workforce and add new perspectives to both their inclusive culture and client work.

The Outcome

  1. Increase workforce diversity and employee engagement
  2. Increases community impact and fulfills philanthropic goals
  3. Prepares future talent for higher education and workforce


Source: Urban Alliance. DigitasLBi Success Study. 2015.