In partnership with Chicago Public Schools, Baxter International Inc. expanded its Science@Work initiatives to include a summer high school internship program.

  • EMPLOYER: Baxter International Inc.
  • INDUSTRY: Healthcare
  • PARTNERSHIP: Science@Work
  • AREA OF FOCUS: Internship, Mentoring, School-to-Work
"Baxter, like any other company, is not going to be able to back fill both baby boomers and those other generations coming behind them, if we do not have this workforce that is necessary."
Alice Campbell, Sr. Director, Global Community Relations at Baxter International Inc.

The Challenge

Like many companies facing a large population of retiring Baby Boomers, Baxter needed to prepare its future workforce. In 2008, Baxter and the local school system launched Science@Work to support both teacher training and student development in biotechnology. Despite successes, they wanted to do more and provide students with real workplace experiences.

The Solution

In 2012, Baxter expanded its Science@Work initiative to give at risk high school students access to the company under its Science@Work internship program. The internship program provided young adults with workplace experience and skills development, while Baxter increased its community impact.

The Outcome


Source: New Options Project. Employer Story. Baxter International Inc. 2013.