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To Keep Up With Digital Transformation, First Transform Your HR Department

These days, it feels like every morning arrives with new, dramatic, and unexpected changes brought about by technological innovation. I’ve spent my life working on moving forward, making progress, and always believing there’s a way to disrupt our old habits and systems with newer, better approaches. Yet, with the world changing so rapidly, even I […]

A Military Veteran Finds A Rewarding Life Through His Online College Program

The U.S. military serves as a valuable launchpad for many of those who enlist. They gain valuable life skills and often develop characteristics that help shape their future success, such as discipline and critical thinking. At the same time, they undertake myriad risks and make major sacrifices throughout their time of service, and beyond. Many […] Read More

Build A Talent Pipeline To Take Your Recruiting To The Next Level

Talent can make or break your company. Without great talent, you can’t execute well on your strategies to achieve organizational goals. Your best employees and colleagues can’t be at the top of their game when their teams are understaffed or under-performing. Recruiters play a crucial role, ensuring that you have the human capital you need […] Read More

The Hidden Talent Pool That Companies Are Missing

I just celebrated my tenth year at Google, and for a decade, I have had my dream job.  I’m on the team that launched Google Apps for Education into higher education and K12.  I’m on the team that launched Chromebooks into education. I speak at conferences and events around the world on technology in education, […] Read More

A New College Tradition: 40K In Debt And Underemployed

College campuses are well-known for their annual traditions, but one of these “traditions” is neither a source of pride or school spirit. This ritual has sorely diminished the value of education for most college graduates across the country. I am speaking of the annual tuition increase and the impact it has on students. The insatiable […] Read More