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How We Use Data To Track Economic Opportunity Across The Country

The difference between 14.4 and 11.3 percent seemed small to me until I joined the Opportunity Nation team. The two percentages from our Opportunity Index[1], a tool we jointly developed with our partners at Measure of America, illustrate the number of disconnected youth in the two different places I lived while I was growing up. Now […]

How To Address The Workforce Diversity Gap

Stop me when you have heard this before: the current talent pipeline is broken and isn’t diverse enough to hire from. The problem however isn’t that the pipeline isn’t diverse enough. It’s that we are not looking enough in the right places. We are not tapping into enough of the world’s potential and it is […] Read More

The Bachelor’s Degree: A Requirement For A Decent-Paying Job?

New research out of the Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and Atlanta indicates that — for the same job — employers in certain types of labor markets are more likely to ask for a bachelor’s degree than are employers in others. The new research has its roots in a fall 2015 report from the Federal […] Read More

How Data-Powered Apps Can Connect Jobseekers With Training For Hard-To-Fill Jobs

As we know, American work has migrated to where it can be performed more cheaply and more efficiently. Jobs and work have gone to less expensive labor markets globally and to more efficient automation here in the U.S. and abroad. The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman recently pointed out that pressure to “hire American” […] Read More

The Citi Foundation Expands Its Commitment To Tackling Youth Unemployment

Young people today make up the largest youth population in history. Their successes and struggles are as diverse as their personalities and aspirations. However, in all corners of the globe, this generation faces a common challenge: persistent, high rates of youth unemployment. Left unaddressed, the consequences reverberate across our cities and affect us all. When […] Read More

JPMorgan Chase Equips Employee Mentors To Support Young People In The Wake Of Violence

Over the past year, community violence has dominated the news and has spurred greater exploration of systemic inequality, prejudice and racism. Many young people impacted by community violence or trauma are looking for outlets to process their experiences, express their emotions, ask for help and channel their feelings into positive, constructive action. Mentors are uniquely […] Read More