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How We Found Tech Talent Through A Successful Partnership

Stephen Covey says “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” Differences are the building blocks of the innovation we practice every day at Housing Partnership Network (HPN), a mission-driven business collaborative.  Integrating this ideal, my team initiated a partnership with Year Up, an organization that bridges the divide between young adults that lack opportunity and […]

How Colaberry Uses Data Science To Address The Skills Gap

The Colaberry School of Data Analytics provides pathways into data analytics careers through training, mentoring, and job placement at scale through its platform. Colaberry programs were created with the goal of training individuals from typically underrepresented backgrounds and helping them to begin careers in the data science field. The idea to create Colaberry was planted […] Read More

Is The “T” In STEM Supposed To Be Silent?

One thing is certain, in higher education, we love a good acronym. Our college campuses are absolutely littered with them. It seems like the name of every department, degree, course, and building are shortened to a convenient set of letters—making up a secret code students must learn to decipher. So, it is not strange at […] Read More

Teachers: A Resource at Risk?

The future of American competitiveness and the American Dream rely on the ingenuity of the country’s workforce. We need health care professionals who develop vaccines to fight disease, energy companies that develop new ways to power our future, entrepreneurs who invent businesses and create jobs, and technology companies, manufacturers, and millions of other professionals to […] Read More

Beyond Empowerment: Engaging Opportunity Youth Through A Team Effort

When leaders in corporate America decide to become engaged on a social issue, they bring a corporate “can-do” mindset to the challenge. So in the case of providing jobs for Opportunity Youth, it’s only natural that many will try to utilize the training practices that have worked for them in the past with their current […] Read More

New Way of Doing Business: Career Pathways

American companies in numerous industries are utilizing career pathways to meet their talent needs and improve opportunities for their employees. Career pathways are an effective strategy to help workers acquire marketable skills and industry-recognized credentials by encouraging greater collaboration among education, workforce partners, and businesses looking to hire skilled workers. The model works for youth […] Read More