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Strong Social Enterprises Boost Individual Lives And The Nation’s Economy

When the baseball season started and new youth started their jobs at our sites in Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, and Oakland, I began reflecting on how important and rare a moment this is. Statistics show that youth of color suffer from an extraordinarily high unemployment rate and even those youth looking for a job struggle […]

How We Use Data To Track Economic Opportunity Across The Country

The difference between 14.4 and 11.3 percent seemed small to me until I joined the Opportunity Nation team. The two percentages from our Opportunity Index[1], a tool we jointly developed with our partners at Measure of America, illustrate the number of disconnected youth in the two different places I lived while I was growing up. Now […] Read More

A Military Veteran Finds A Rewarding Life Through His Online College Program

The U.S. military serves as a valuable launchpad for many of those who enlist. They gain valuable life skills and often develop characteristics that help shape their future success, such as discipline and critical thinking. At the same time, they undertake myriad risks and make major sacrifices throughout their time of service, and beyond. Many […] Read More

The Hidden Talent Pool That Companies Are Missing

I just celebrated my tenth year at Google, and for a decade, I have had my dream job.  I’m on the team that launched Google Apps for Education into higher education and K12.  I’m on the team that launched Chromebooks into education. I speak at conferences and events around the world on technology in education, […] Read More

‘All Labor Has Dignity.’ Reflections On Dr. King’s Struggle For Justice

This post features reflections from several individuals on Dr. King’s legacy and the significance of his remarks on the dignity of labor. You are doing many things here in this struggle. You are demanding that this city will respect the dignity of labor. So often we overlook the work and the significance of those who […] Read More