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A Landmark Event To Connect Chicago’s Youth To Career Opportunity

A purposeful energy and determination was palpable at LeadersUp’s Chicago Career 360: The Experience. Young adults from across the Chicagoland region entered the Lacuna Artist Lofts – not only looking for employment – but also seeking a gateway to new possibilities. Our team connected every single young man and woman in attendance to interview opportunities […]

How State Street Builds Partnerships To Strengthen Boston’s Future Workforce

According to the Boston Private Industry Council, early participation in the workforce has positive, long-term impacts on young people including “the development of hard and soft professional skills, networking opportunities, reduced risk of negative socioeconomic outcomes and criminal behavior, and improved lifelong earning potential.” In Boston, the engagement of young people ages 16 to 24 […] Read More

Wegmans And Hillside Partner To Support Youth Education And Employment

Coauthored by Meghan Wagner and Duane Hutt  By the mid-1980s, low high school graduation rates in Rochester (NY) city schools were helping perpetuate a cycle of multi-generational poverty that remains tragically common among many urban areas nationwide. Without a diploma or the job-readiness “soft skills” that often accompany it, steady employment opportunities can be elusive […] Read More

How We Found Tech Talent Through A Successful Partnership

Stephen Covey says “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” Differences are the building blocks of the innovation we practice every day at Housing Partnership Network (HPN), a mission-driven business collaborative.  Integrating this ideal, my team initiated a partnership with Year Up, an organization that bridges the divide between young adults that lack opportunity and […] Read More

Teachers: A Resource at Risk?

The future of American competitiveness and the American Dream rely on the ingenuity of the country’s workforce. We need health care professionals who develop vaccines to fight disease, energy companies that develop new ways to power our future, entrepreneurs who invent businesses and create jobs, and technology companies, manufacturers, and millions of other professionals to […] Read More

How To Build A Stronger Workforce? Hire for Skills, Not Schools

The Opportunity Divide in America is real, and it seems impossible to overcome. But employers who think differently about talent acquisition can both find stronger, more diverse talent pools and join the movement to close that Divide in our country. A few weeks ago I had the distinct honor of giving a keynote at the […] Read More