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Aspen Institute Summit Offers New Solutions For Expanding Opportunity

This post originally appeared on the Huffington Post.  In America today, the richest one percent hold 42 percent of the nation’s wealth, while roughly a quarter of adults work in poverty-wage or near-poverty-wage jobs. And access to economic opportunity is unevenly distributed across geographies and demographic groups, leaving some families facing increasingly long odds of […]

Our National Resilience Depends On Bold Cybersecurity Leaders

A continuously growing architecture of networks, systems, and assets creates unseen ties between each of us. While these digital connections enable faster communication and innovation to power our economy, they create new vulnerabilities that are a liability for companies and organizations. It is no longer sufficient to secure the systems inside our networks and feel […] Read More

Leading Employers Gather To Innovate Hiring Strategies With Community And Business Impact

At the end of March, influential employers –  including T-Mobile, Gap Inc., and McDonalds* – came to New Orleans for an unprecedented gathering on jobs in the United States. Each had expressed enthusiasm for impact hiring – an approach that creates business value through recruiting and investing in individuals who face barriers to economic opportunity. […] Read More

Four Ways That Technology Can Reinvent Work In The Digital Age

In the 1800s, it was machine-powered looms that replaced human hand weavers. Today, digital technology is disrupting work for working people — blue- and white-collar alike — in every occupation. Advances in fields such as artificial intelligence and robotics are making it increasingly possible for machines to perform not only physical but also cognitive tasks, […] Read More

How We Use Data To Track Economic Opportunity Across The Country

The difference between 14.4 and 11.3 percent seemed small to me until I joined the Opportunity Nation team. The two percentages from our Opportunity Index[1], a tool we jointly developed with our partners at Measure of America, illustrate the number of disconnected youth in the two different places I lived while I was growing up. Now […] Read More

The Bachelor’s Degree: A Requirement For A Decent-Paying Job?

New research out of the Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and Atlanta indicates that — for the same job — employers in certain types of labor markets are more likely to ask for a bachelor’s degree than are employers in others. The new research has its roots in a fall 2015 report from the Federal […] Read More