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How Out-of-School Enrichment Can Close The STEM Talent Gap

I founded Aspera with the vision of revolutionizing the way companies move data. Now, twelve years later, Aspera is part of IBM and is a leader finding new ways to move high volumes of data at maximum speeds. That may not sound like the most glamourous of work, but it is actually quite exhilarating. I […]

How EY Uses Data To Scale Its CSR Program For Maximum Impact

As more companies embrace and expand corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to engage their employees, address social issues, and increase brand awareness, the demand for measuring and evaluating their impact is heightened.  Reporting impact helps companies differentiate their CSR initiatives while strengthening the internal business case for the continued investment of business resources. Project ROI’s […] Read More

Is The “T” In STEM Supposed To Be Silent?

One thing is certain, in higher education, we love a good acronym. Our college campuses are absolutely littered with them. It seems like the name of every department, degree, course, and building are shortened to a convenient set of letters—making up a secret code students must learn to decipher. So, it is not strange at […] Read More

How Grads of Life Is Supporting The President’s #FirstJob Compact

Grads of Life is delighted to share President Obama’s announcement today on the progress of the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiative and the new commitments made by the private sector to expand job opportunities for all of the nation’s young people. In February 2014, the President launched MBK, which called on communities to act to […] Read More

6 Steps to Ensure Successful Cross-Sector Partnerships

I recently had the privilege of moderating a panel with four leading employers on the business value of building talent pipelines to bring Opportunity Youth into the workplace. Throughout that conversation, which focused on time-to-hire, retention, diversity, and employee engagement, the employers repeatedly spoke about the community-based organizations that are essential partners in this work. […] Read More

When Corporate Training is ROI-Focused and Individualized, Everybody Wins

It’s time to reimagine—and democratize—corporate training. In too many companies, training is seen either as C-suite perk or a reward to the internal department that makes the best pitch for the available dollars. There is a better way to view and implement corporate training; it should be return on investment (ROI)-focused and individualized. Certainly, the […] Read More