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How Employers Can Help Bridge The Youth Access Gap

If you ask a hiring manager for job search tips, one word is sure to be at the top of the list: networking. More than 75 percent of jobs are filled through networking, which should come as no surprise. If you have a relationship to an employer, even if it’s second- or third-hand, that employer […]

New Book Provides Suggestions On How Capitalism Can Be Made More Equitable

The gaping economic divide in the US has many lamenting the death of the “American Dream.” But authors of a new book argue that the notion of the American dream is only lost when the capitalist lens is focused short range. Re-Imagining Capitalism for the Long Term aggregates contributions from academics, businesspeople and members of […] Read More

Beyond Empowerment: Engaging Opportunity Youth Through A Team Effort

When leaders in corporate America decide to become engaged on a social issue, they bring a corporate “can-do” mindset to the challenge. So in the case of providing jobs for Opportunity Youth, it’s only natural that many will try to utilize the training practices that have worked for them in the past with their current […] Read More

How Grads of Life Is Supporting The President’s #FirstJob Compact

Grads of Life is delighted to share President Obama’s announcement today on the progress of the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiative and the new commitments made by the private sector to expand job opportunities for all of the nation’s young people. In February 2014, the President launched MBK, which called on communities to act to […] Read More

Investing In Social Mobility Pays Off When You Bet Big and Bet Smart

Psychologists and philosophers have long debated whether or not anything can be truly altruistic, whether or not you can give purely for the sake of giving. We’ll stay out of this debate for now. There is, however, research that allows philanthropists to be more meaningful in their giving. A new report entitled “’Billion Dollar Bets’ […] Read More

Why “Economic Immobility” Is The New “Income Inequality”

There’s no more vexing and persistent issue today than youth unemployment, particularly in America’s largest cities, places that propel the dueling forces of prosperity and poverty. Primary factors that tip the relative strength of those forces are access to affordable education and skills training, as well as credible pathways for young adults to earn meaningful […] Read More