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How JPMorgan Chase Supports Young Men Of Color On Path To College

Navigating the path to college can be overwhelming for youth and their families.  Between researching and narrowing down a list of colleges to apply to, preparing applications, and piecing together financial aid materials, youth can benefit from the support and guidance of mentors throughout the college and career planning process. This is evidenced by the […]

Why Higher Education Institutions Need Smarter Cloud Technologies

The Missing Higher Education Marketplace The economy today produces voluminous digital information and this information fuels market behavior. Prior to the Internet, market information had to be gleaned from filings and other static sources. Today, real-time data is gathered every second from all sorts of transactions and communications between consumers, producers, reporters and investors. There […] Read More

AT&T’s Diverse Mentoring Relationships Accelerate Employee Engagement

According to a 2015 Gallup report that includes data from over 80,000 employee interviews, employee engagement has been flat since 2000.  In 2015, only 32% of employees reported being engaged at work while 50.8% reported not being engaged and 17.2% reported being actively disengaged.  Additional research is starting to show a correlation with corporate responsibility […] Read More

The Bachelor’s Degree: A Requirement For A Decent-Paying Job?

New research out of the Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and Atlanta indicates that — for the same job — employers in certain types of labor markets are more likely to ask for a bachelor’s degree than are employers in others. The new research has its roots in a fall 2015 report from the Federal […] Read More

JPMorgan Chase Equips Employee Mentors To Support Young People In The Wake Of Violence

Over the past year, community violence has dominated the news and has spurred greater exploration of systemic inequality, prejudice and racism. Many young people impacted by community violence or trauma are looking for outlets to process their experiences, express their emotions, ask for help and channel their feelings into positive, constructive action. Mentors are uniquely […] Read More